Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue in 2018 and shareholders had never been more explicit in their expectations of companies. The CGLytics Review of Diversity in the Boardroom of S&P 500 Companies reveals the progress made by companies to improve female board representation and discusses new ways for identifying top candidates using new methods and tools.

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The increasing trend of shareholder opposition to executive pay

Votes against executive remuneration are growing. In this article we look at this change in the European indices and the S&P500.

Deutsche Bank: How CGLytics Tools Inform Glass Lewis’ Pay and Governance Analysis

Glass Lewis’ assessment of executive remuneration reflects a balance of quantitative and qualitative considerations, with CGLytics’ suite of tools underpinning the quantitative component. In the following discussion, we review the quantitative assessment with respect to Deutsche Bank, using CGLytics’ analytical tools.

Shutterfly: A Glass Lewis Use Case

Glass Lewis takes a look at the recent proposed amendment to the Shutterfly equity compensation program and the response from shareholders.

Tailoring Executive Remuneration Analysis Using CGLytics: Persimmon plc

Glass Lewis’ assessment of executive remuneration reflects a balance of quantitative and qualitative considerations, with CGLytics’ suite of tools underpinning the quantitative component. In the following discussion, we review the quantitative assessment with respect to Persimmon plc, using CGLytics’ analytical tools.

WeWork’s initial public offering

WeWork has had a tumultuous build-up to their IPO. Many investors were hesitant to back the company as their corporate governance policies did not meet their standards. CGLytics looks at some of the key factors that created controversy.

Equity Incentive Schemes: Examining the rationale behind shareholder rejection

Two historical examples of organizations that have had their stock option plans rejected by shareholders include Red Lion Hotels and HomeAway. How could they have reduced the likelihood of rejected plans? Read to find out

The increasing popularity of linking equity compensation to socially responsible practices

Social responsibility is an increasing priority for corporates, reflecting changing pressures from stakeholders and society. In this article CGLytics looks at the trend of linking executive equity compensation to responsible social practices.

The Effect of Executive Departures on Company Performance

The Executive Management Team plays a pivotal role in the performance of a company. The dismissal or exit of one or more executives is often accompanied by a change in strategy. However, this isn’t always perceived as a positive change by investors.

Capri Holdings – A Glass Lewis Use Case into Executive Compensation Benchmarking

In this use case, Glass Lewis examine the “additional considerations” regarding the quantitative examination with respect to Capri Holdings, Inc. (formerly Michael Kors Holdings Ltd.) using CGLytics’ analytical tools.

Interlocking Directorates: Looking for signs of collusion, conflict of interest and overboarding

Conflicts of interest, collusion and the overboarding of directors have been known to grab the attention of the biggest media outlets. As many companies are unfortunately aware. How can this be avoided right from the start?

The Billionaire Battle Over Oil Part 2: The Oil Giant’s Resolve

In the second part of The Billionaire Battle Over Oil, we look at the outcome of the proposed deal between Occidental Petroleum and Anadarko.

Barrick Gold Corp, Acacia Mining and Turbulence in Tanzania

Barrick Gold Corp, Acacia Mining and Turbulence in Tanzania Issues involving the mining industry and corporate governance practices are nothing new. And Barrick Gold’s recently deal with Acacia Mining is no exception. After multiple negotiations and tradeoffs in the past, Acacia Mining has agreed to Barrick, the majority shareholder, buying out the remaining minority shareholders. … Continue reading "Barrick Gold Corp, Acacia Mining and Turbulence in Tanzania"

Proxy Season Lookback: CGG marks first binding ‘non’ on pay in France – A guest blog by Glass Lewis

The 2019 season marked the second opportunity for French shareholders’ to cast retrospective binding votes on executive compensation. And for the first time, shareholder votes prevented the payment of a bonus award, as well as the implementation of a new pay policy.

Correcting Founder’s Syndrome: Executive Compensation Practices at Ralph Lauren

Ahead of the Ralph Lauren AGM, CGLytics looks at how CEO pay has changed since the founder’s exit, and how the nominations change the board composition.

2019 CEO Pay Review: The Top 50 Highest Paid CEOs

As proxy season progresses and companies file their annual reports, CGLytics surveys the world’s highest paid CEOs (so far) and looks at how executive compensation has grown since the last year.

FirstGroup Take Another Ride on the Activist Train

Over the past nine months, FirstGroup plc has been the target of an activist campaign from New York-based hedge fund, Coast Capital. One of the main critiques by the activist investor was regarding the governance structure, specifically the composition of the board. Utilizing CGLytics’ analytics and tools in its platform, we show how FirstGroup could have spotted governance red flags to possibly avoid this situation.

The Billionaire Battle over Anadarko

Much noise has been made around the USD 38 billion hard-fought acquisition of Anadarko Petroleum by Occidental Petroleum and the hotbed of disagreement. An analysis of Occidental’s board, using CGLytics board insight tool, yields telling results.

A glance into Slack’s CEO pay

Slack Technologies recently started trading on the NYSE. In the company’s S-1 statement, the company does not disclose precisely what the pay structure will be for the coming year. Utilizing CGLytics’ Peer Composer tool, a hypothetical peer group from a data universe coverage of over 5,500 global companies was constructed for Slack, to determine the possible pay structure.

CSR Limited: Strike One on Remuneration Report

At the CSR Limited AGM in June 2019, the remuneration report received 34% of votes cast against which constitutes a first strike for the purposes of the corporations ACT 2001. CGLytics looks at the alignment of pay against performance and some of the key drivers behind the investor response.

Bed Bath & Beyond: Cleaning House

New Jersey-based company Bed Bath & Beyond has recently become the target of an activist campaign. CGLytics examines the drivers, the response and the outcomes of this campaign.

Facebook: Increasing Shareholder Pressure Exerted on Zuckerberg’s Role as Chairman

In this article, CGLytics examines the increasing pressure on Facebook to split the roles of Chair and CEO from founder Mark Zuckerberg and the implications on the company’s future.

In the Spotlight – Burberry, the fashion house’s say on pay in focus

Ahead of the Burberry AGM later this month, CGLytics examines the executive compensation components of the proxy vote proposals.

Data puts CEO rewards into perspective in the Netherlands

In this article, originally published in Dutch in Mgmt. Scope, CGLytics examines CEO pay in the Netherlands and how it is one of the hottest topics in shareholder discussions.

In the spotlight: EQT Corporation Proxy Statement

In this article, CGLytics takes a look at the upcoming EQT Corporation AGM resolutions and how the CGLytics platform analytics can help promote engagement between the company and shareholders.

Debenhams: The Fall of a High Street Chain

Following the entry into administration of Debenhams, CGLytics takes a look at some of the key governance analytics, and how they could have been indicators that change was needed

McKesson Versus the State of West Virginia

Drug distribution companies are experiencing significant reputational and financial risks as a result of the Opioid Crisis in the US. In this article we take a look at how a lack of regulatory and risk experience may have impacted the McKesson Corporation.

Barclays, Bramson, and Lessons Learned

Barclays, one of the UK’s largest banks recently has recently come under attack by activist investor Edward Bramson. CGLytics takes a look at the drivers behind the attack and how Barclay’s responded.

Growing Expectations of Director Responsibilities and Evolving Attitudes Towards Overboarding

CGLytics takes a look at how the role of the board is changing, and how directors are having to rapidly become experts in a range of topics in which they have little to no previous experience.

Uber: Culture Clash

CGLytics takes a look at the recent IPO of Uber and how negative stories and scandals led to lower than expected interest

Tesla: a lesson in lion taming

In this article, CGLytics takes a look at the governance of Tesla and the measures in place to ensure consistent shareholder engagement.

Sainsbury’s and Asda: The Monopoly That Never Was

CGLytics examines some of the key drivers behind the rejected merger of Asda and Sainsbury’s.

The Top 50 Highest Paid CEOs

As proxy season progresses and companies file their annual reports, CGLytics surveys the world’s highest paid CEOs (so far) and looks at how executive compensation has grown since the last year.

The EU Shareholder Rights Directive: The implications for executive compensation in Belgium and Luxembourg

The corporate governance landscape is changing. Listed EU companies are increasingly subject to more disclosure and transparency requirements while executive compensation is now under greater scrutiny than ever. In this article CGLytics takes a look at the implications of the EU Shareholder Rights Directive on executive compensation in Belgium and Luxembourg

The case of Superdry: The dynamics of corporate governance and equity control

CGLytics reviews the recent upheaval of the Superdry board, and how these developments have set an unprecedented case in Corporate Governance.

Gender Diversity In Australia

CGLytics explores boardroom gender diversity in Australia, with a particular focus on the upcoming ASX diversity targets.

Waivers Of Mandatory Retirement Ages And Company Performance

CGLytics examines the costs and benefits of waiving the mandatory retirement age for directors, elaborating upon aspects of the S&P 500: Increasing Boardroom Diversity Report.

Disney, 21st Century Fox, Bob Iger, and the Search For His Successor

CGLytics uses its Executive Pay and Pay for Performance Modelling Tools to look at the recent merger with 21st Century Fox, the value Disney’s CEO has bought to the company’s shareholders and how he has been compensated, and some of the challenges potential successors face.

Swedbank CFO Back At the Wheel

A Case Study in the Need for Active Succession Planning. CGLytics looks at how the impact of scandal and the departure of the CEO has caused turmoil at Swedbank

Dominant themes from the 2018 AEX proxy season and what to expect in 2019

During the 2018 Dutch proxy season, shareholders actively engaged in a range of governance matters, with CEO remuneration remaining a key focus for stakeholders and widely publicised by the media. And, as always, the upcoming 2019 proxy season is likely to be influenced by happenings from the previous year.

AI in the Boardroom: Fantasy or Reality?

While the exact role of AI in the boardroom in up for debate, the question remains: has the Robo Director come of age?

Younger directors on S&P 500 boards show positive effect on companies’ performance 

Bringing younger directors into the boardroom does not only add value in terms of unique perspectives and improved innovation, but also impacts company performance

S&P 500 companies are listening: One third of new board appointments in 2018 were women

Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue in 2018 and shareholders had never been more explicit in their expectations of companies.

Action needed despite third of new S&P 500 board appointments being women

Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue last year, and shareholders have never been more explicit in their expectations of companies, writes Aniel Mahabier

What’s New for the 2019 Proxy Season?

By looking at the UK, which currently has the spotlight on corporate governance practices, we can be sure that company boards will be compelled to implement good governance practices.

Be prepared: Learnings from the UK 2018 proxy season

The UK is at the forefront of shareholder concern of good corporate governance practices. In a climate of increasing proactive shareholder engagement, the CGLytics FTSE 100 2018 proxy season review evaluates underlying trends to provide unique insights for being prepared for the forthcoming season.

What is ESG?

What is ESG? ESG (Environmental, social and governance) criteria are of increasing interest to companies, their investors and other stakeholders. With growing concern about he ethical status of quoted companies, these standards are the central factors that measure the ethical impact and sustainability of investment in a company. ESG factors cover a wide spectrum of … Continue reading "What is ESG?"

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is the system of rules, procedures and processes by which a company is controlled and directed. In practice, governance is concerned with balancing the combined interests of a company’s stakeholders, including shareholders, management, staff, customers, suppliers and the community in which it operates.

CGLytics is a leading Corporate Governance Analytics provider, delivering unique insights, real-time data and benchmarking tools, in a single convenient software solution.

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