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Maximising Shareholders’ Value for the Longer Term

60 ASX 300 companies reduced CEO pay due to the pandemic. However, this only accounts for 11% of their predicted remuneration in 2020. Download the executive remuneration study ahead of the Australian proxy season and see how your remuneration practices compare.

The Future of Executive Pay in Australia

60 ASX 300 companies reduced CEO pay due to the pandemic. However, this only accounts for 11% of their predicted remuneration in 2020. Download the executive remuneration study ahead of the Australian proxy season and see how your remuneration practices compare.

The Pandemic and Executive Pay – A Russell 3000 Study

So far in 2020 we have seen 634 Russell 3000 companies issue pay adjustments to executives or their board. Read the study and learn how companies have adjusted their executive pay due to COVID-19 to ensure your pay practices are aligned to market standards.

Activist Investors Broaden Their Focus

Corporate governance is the number one reason why there has been a growth in activist investor campaigns. New research from CGLytics sheds light on the broadening focus from activists including having the right board composition, diversity and executive pay.

The Compensation Committee’s Guide To COVID-19

Compensation Committees must be incredibly flexibly during the current pandemic. Adapting rapidly to the once stable 2020 outlook has resulted in creative measures on how to align executive and non-executive compensation after sharp market downtowns and an unstable economic environment. Download the guide by Meridian Partners, Diligent and CGLytics.

FTSE 100 & Executive Compensation: Setting the tone for 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic presenting unprecedented challenges to shareholders and investors, what issues should compensation committees be focused on in 2020 and 2021? CGLytics takes a look at the FTSE 100 companies’ corporate governance and executive compensation practices for navigating the challenges ahead.

Regulation and Investor Expectations: A corporate governance insight paper

Key corporate governance areas are examined to determine the extent of impact on UK and Irish companies, and the wider potential risks going into the 2020 AGM season.

State of Play: European Board Diversity

This report examines gender and age diversity on boards in the European corporate governance landscape. Examining female representation, the report reveals that many countries are not yet at the 40% requirement, proposed by the European Commission in its European 2020 strategy.

CGLytics S&P 500 Executive Compensation Review

Executive Compensation Review: Which S&P 500 companies showed the greatest Pay for Performance misalignment and conservative practice in 2019?

Corporate governance and executive pay. Reflection on the 2019 proxy season. A joint report with PwC

This report by PwC Belgium and CGLytics takes a closer look at votes on remuneration items and reviews the critical trends of the 2019 voting results in Belgium and Luxembourg. Download the report to better prepare for the 2020 proxy season.

How can innovations in information technologies support the role of the board of directors?

Aniel Mahabier considers the ramifications of the extensive disclosure obligations required as part of the second iteration of the Shareholder Rights Directive and argues that knowledge is key to ensuring accountability.

Good corporate governance begins with good data

Effective corporate governance starts with having the right information. In an ever-changing corporate governance landscape of continually increasing, publicly available information, shareholder involvement, activism, ongoing media campaigns and continual changes to governance regulations, having the right information from the start can be the difference between success and ongoing shareholder revolt.

SRD II and the implications on executive pay and corporate governance

Aniel Mahabier considers the ramifications of the extensive disclosure obligations required as part of the second iteration of the Shareholder Rights Directive and argues that knowledge is key to ensuring accountability.

Are companies incorporating ESG factors into executive remuneration?

The last decade has seen a steady increase in the focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors from a range of stakeholders and that growing scrutiny appears to have reached a crescendo over the past 18 months. Only the topic of executive remuneration continues to be discussed as frequently as ESG.

FTI & CGLytics have conducted an analysis to determine whether those two topics are increasingly converging. Download the white paper to find out more.

How to take testing of equity-based compensation plans into your own hands?

Download the whitepaper and learn more about equity-based compensation plan best practice and how the ECM is supporting decision-making for Say on Pay.

CGLytics supports responsible investing with NN Investment Partners

CGLytics supports responsible investing with NN Investment Partners (NN IP) helping investors to deliver attractive returns and build a sustainable future.

Interlocking Directorates: Looking for signs of collusion, conflict of interest and overboarding

Conflicts of interest, collusion and the overboarding of directors have been known to grab the attention of the biggest media outlets. As many companies are unfortunately aware. How can this be avoided right from the start?

Corporate governance and executive pay: A joint report with PwC

PwC Belgium and CGLytics have joined forces to analyse the current corporate governance and executive pay landscape in Belgium and Luxembourg, helping companies better prepare for the 2019 proxy season.

Revolution in Italian Companies Ownership Structure – 2019

Italy has been well known for its ‘Relational capitalism’. CGLytics take a look at the revolution taking place in Italian Corporate Governance.

How will Engagement on Executive Pay Evolve in 2019?

On the 28th February, Aniel Mahabier, CEO of CGLytics, was joined by Andrew Gebelin, VP Research, Engagement and Stewardship of Glass Lewis, to discuss some of the key themes and trends that will impact the way companies and their investors engage over executive pay in the 2019 Proxy Season.

Shining the Light on CEO Pay Practices – 2018 AEX Proxy Review

In preparation for this year’s proxy season, CGLytics is releasing its annual AEX proxy review, providing key takeaways from 2018 and setting out what will be topping agendas in 2019. Learning from key issues last season, as presented in this report, ensures corporations will be fully prepared to engage with investors confidently.

2017-2018 S&P 500 Review: Increasing Boardroom Diversity

The CGLytics report, Increasing Boardroom Diversity – 2017-2018 S&P 500 Review, describes the current boardroom composition of S&P 500 companies through comparative data captured between 2017 and 2018, evaluating the progress made and the likelihood of achieving greater diversity in the coming years.

Shaping up the Scandinavian Governance Landscape

Download the Shaping up the Scandinavian Governance Landscape guide to ensure you know the latest changes and regulations.

Review of FTSE 100 2018 Proxy Season – Getting ready for next proxy season

The report provides boards with key insights and takeaways from the 2018 proxy season, in order to aid preparation and ensure companies are adequately prepared to engage.

Lessons Learned: An insight into Europe’s 50 largest cap companies’ engagement & compensation practice

As companies and institutional investors have started preparations for the upcoming proxy season, a number of key points can be drawn from last year’s season.

Mind the Gap: CEO Remuneration and the Scandinavian Corporate Governance Landscape

The corporate governance landscape has been changing and executive remuneration has been, and continues to be, a topical issue engaging the attention of investors, corporations, politicians, the media and society. Scandinavian corporations are not exempted from this phenomenon.

CEO Shareholding Guidelines: How Europe is catching up

The general overview of SHG in some of the large European countries have shown that majority of the markets do not have clear guidelines as to what the minimum shareholding of Executives should be.

Japan’s Corporate Governance Landscape: The Case of Toshiba Corporation

The multibillion dollar company has a history spanning back over two centuries; however, recently it has been in the “hot seat” for being entangled in a variety of scandals ranging from improper accounting to bankrupt powerhouses.

FTSE 100 Pay for Performance Landscape: When the Proxy season dust has settled

As the proxy season dust has settled, DirectorInsight is releasing its 4th consecutive report on the pay of the CEO’s of UK’s largest listed companies.

‘Pas-for-Performance INDEX’ Maakt Beloningspraktijken AEX-Fondsen Inzichtelijk

Persbericht: DirectorInsight lanceert vandaag de eerste ‘Pay-for-Performance Index’. Op basis van nauwkeurige analyse is inzichtelijk gemaakt hoe de beloning van de CEO’s van de 25 Nederlandse AEX-fondsen zich verhoudt tot de prestaties van die bedrijven.

Part 3: Are You Ready to Rumble? Ceo Pay for Performance – 2017 FTSE100 Proxy Season

This report provides an analysis for 86 companies in the FTSE 100 as well as their CEO pay and financial performance.

Part 2 Are You Ready to Rumble? Ceo Pay for Performance – 2017 FTSE100 Proxy Season

This report provides an analysis for 76 companies in the FTSE 100, their CEO pay and financial performance, using total shareholder return (TSR ) as the key financial performance metric, over a one year, three year and five year period.

Are You Ready to Rumble? CEO Pay for Performance – 2017 FTSE100 Proxy Season

At the 2016 UK AGM season, investors set an unprecedented trend in corporate governance. FTSE 100 bosses faced revolts over remuneration report votes during a heated series of AGMs that featured defeats and protests over pay at some of Britain’s biggest companies.

FTSE100 Say on Pay Voting Insight

This report summarizes the UK FTSE 100 Director remuneration proxy voting results from 2011 to May 2016.

Remuneration trends in the Netherlands – are you ready?

This briefing highlights the current state of play on executive compensation and helps board of companies and their remuneration committee members to prepare themselves for the upcoming proxy season.

The Gender Barometer in the Dutch Boardroom

This article describes the current state of play of gender diversity in boardrooms of Dutch listed companies (AEX, AMX and AScX) and the prospect to achieve the 30% quota in the Netherlands in 2016.

Overzicht Financiële Stabiliteit 2015

DNB waakt over de financiële stabiliteit in Nederland. Als onderdeel hiervan publiceert DNB elk halfjaar het Overzicht Financiële Stabiliteit (OFS).

Swiss Proxy Season: did Say on Pay move the needle?

This report aims at providing substantial insights, on a seven-year time span (2008-2014), of compensation practices across the twenty largest firms in Switzerland.

Swiss Say on Pay – A transition year for companies with investors taking an easy ride on pay

This report is a follow up on last year’s say on pay report for the Swiss Market Index (SMI). It aims to provide substantial insights, for compensation practices across the twenty largest firms in Switzerland, on an eight-year time span (2008- 2015).

The Five Governance Questions Issuers and Investors Need to Ask

In this article we look at some of the questions that issuers and investors should be asking to promote transparency and better corporate governance.

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