State of Play: European Board Diversity Report

Diversity is still a hot topic. Legislative bodies are addressing concerns from investors as they realize the importance of having a balanced board in terms of gender, age, skills and expertise, for better decision-making.

Providing companies and investors with valuable insights about board composition and potential red flags to mitigate corporate governance risk in 2020, CGLytics has released its first diversity report based on the European market.

The State of Play: European Board Diversity report examines gender and age diversity in the European landscape and by region. The report reveals that female representation on boards is not yet at the 40% requirement in many countries, proposed by the European Commission (EC) in its European 2020 strategy.

Read the report with valuable insights including:
● How gender diversity is included in country governance codes
● European countries with the highest and lowest gender diversity
● Countries with the biggest increase of female representation
● Inclusion of women in board leadership
● Overboarded directors by country
● Composition of directors by age brackets

Download the report to learn more.


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