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Governance emerged as the signature risk of the post-financial crisis era and severely eroded investor confidence. With this increased scrutiny in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, both boards and investors need up to date governance information and intelligence that empowers them to make the best possible decisions on matters relating to governance practices.

It has never been more important to have access to accurate and comprehensive governance insights to make clear and timely decisions about the governance of corporations.

Leverage a wealth of data and intuitive tools with CGLytics. Providing a cloud-based, data technology solution, analyse public companies’ corporate governance practices, their peers’ practices and quickly spot potential inefficiencies for better risk oversight, decision making and engagement.

Instantly perform a governance health check and indicate red flags in seconds

Executive Compensation Intelligence

Global data set, powerful benchmarking and pay for performance modeler

Dive deeper into companies’ and their peers executive compensation practices. Review pay for performance alignment based on self-constructed peer groups and use the same data and insights as Glass Lewis, leading institutional investors and activists for reviewing say on pay proposals and fostering sustainable practices.


Boardroom Effectiveness

Up to date firm level board composition and effectiveness intelligence.

Instantly review and compare companies’ board’s composition and effectiveness against peers’ and the corporate governance norms. CGLytics’ offers deep analysis into corporate boards composition, diversity, interlocks, skills and expertise. Benchmark boards against peers, stay up to date, identify inefficiencies and preempt risks.


Business Relationship Mapping

Analyse director networks and relational paths to build better boards and find new opportunities

Unique and powerful relationship mapping tools reveal connections between corporate decision makers and their peers. Find the shortest path to connect to new contacts and increase networks with over 1.3 million connections between directors, executives and key business leaders around the world.

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Corporate Governance Risk Monitoring

Instantly identify governance red flags for better oversight

Maintain complete oversight of exposure to governance risks and indicate red flags in seconds. Obtain public companies’ corporate governance health check analytics. Highlight areas of concern for engagement, potential exposure to shareholder activism or identify investment opportunities.


Data Feeds

Expand you ESG offerings and make smarter decisions with integration of real-time global governance data

Get the competitive edge with access to the most accurate and up to date governance, board and compensation data, feeding directly into the systems you already use. With over 1bn data points, CGLytics provides the broadest and deepest global data set in the market to enhance investment decision-making, reporting and business solutions.

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Voting and N-PX filings

With 10 years of voting data, identify trends and predict the outcome of shareholder voting resolutions.

Analyse company’s top 25 shareholders, their holdings in our universe coverage and aggregated resolutions.  Access an extensive database of N-PX* filings with voting proposals and resolutions from 2004 onwards covering 4,000+ investor profiles and 800 million+ data points.


With Over 1 Billion Data Points and Powerful Algorithms, CGLytics is Utilised by Leading Investors and Proxy Advisors.



Listed Companies



C-Level Profiles


8 MIL+

Company Disclosures
and Filings


800 Mil+

N-PX proxy voting


1.3 Mil+

Relationships Connections

noun_metrics_1820608 (2) copy

Key financial metrics from 2008 onwards for predictive analysis and companies top 25 ownership data


More than ten years of historical compensation data and array of unique performance indicators


Current and historical board composition, skills data and millions of business relations


Curated governance news in real-time