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Glass Lewis is the world’s largest independent provider of governance and engagement support services, helping institutional investors understand and connect with the companies in which they invest.


CGLytics provides compensation datasets and analytic tools to Glass Lewis in all its global markets covering initially North America, Europe and Australia. Glass Lewis uses CGLytics’ extensive compensation data and analytics to evaluate executive compensation at public companies and incorporates the same dataset and insights in its proxy research reports, voting recommendations and into its clients custom voting policies.

The partnership provides Glass Lewis with a robust and consistent source of global data and analytics.

Through this partnership, CGLytics provides corporations, institutional investors, and advisors with access to top-quality datasets, the Glass Lewis Say on Pay analysis and the same data and tools used by leading institutional investors to review and model CEO and executive compensation plans, for an effective engagement with all stakeholders.

Now available via the CGLytics platform, Glass Lewis CEO compensation and Say on Pay analysis

Corporations are facing increasing demands from multiple parties for greater transparency and control for socially responsible and sustainable pay practices.

Combining Glass Lewis’ proprietary policies and methodologies and CGLytics’ extensive data and analytical tools, this partnership will give all market participants unprecedented transparency and access into Glass Lewis’ compensation analysis that was not widely available and is needed for successful governance and stewardship in the modern digital age.

The two companies will jointly develop new products and services together to benefit customers and all market participants.


Global partnership powering Glass Lewis’ say on pay vote recommendations

By partnering with Glass Lewis, CGLytics provide corporates and their investors with an unmatched solution for global compensation data and benchmarking analytics. Glass Lewis will use CGLytics’ extensive compensation data directly in its client reports and voting recommendations, and leverage CGLytics’ data technology to analyze clients’ executive pay practices. Glass Lewis uses CGLytics’ peer modelling tools to perform deep dives on public companies’ CEO and executive compensation practices, providing greater insights across markets and borders.

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Glass Lewis is the world’s largest independent provider of global governance services, helping institutional investors understand and connect with the companies in which they invest. With more than 1,300 investors globally who use their high-quality, unbiased Proxy Paper research, industry-leading Viewpoint proxy vote management solution and innovative Meetyl direct-engagement platform, Glass Lewis helps drive value across all governance activities. Glass Lewis are focused on providing corporate governance solutions that deliver transparency and efficiency to investment, operations and compliance teams.

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With Over 1 Billion Data Points and Powerful Algorithms, CGLytics is Utilised by Leading Investors and Proxy Advisors.



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Now available via CGLytics

Use the same 11 key criteria as leading proxy advisor Glass Lewis to assess U.S. equity based compensation plans and their overall favorability.

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