S&P 500 Executive Compensation Review

Which S&P 500 companies showed the greatest Pay for Performance misalignment and conservative practice in 2019?

CGLytics has released its inaugural S&P 500 Executive Compensation Review. For companies and investors to be fully prepared with insights for the upcoming proxy season, it is imperative to know what concerned shareholders in 2019 and trends to look out for in 2020.

Download the CGLytics S&P 500 Executive Compensation Review and learn:

  • • What are the hottest topics surrounding executive compensation?
  • • Which companies saw the greatest pushback on their Say on Pay proposals?
  • • How does CEO granted and realized pay compare across industries?
  • • What to expect in the upcoming 2020 Proxy Season?
  • • Plus, a deep dive of companies in the materials sector and how they have aligned their pay for performance practices.

Download the report to learn more.


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