NN Investment Partners (NN IP) is helping investors to realise their responsible investing goals, deliver attractive returns and helps build a sustainable future.

NN IP is a leader in responsible investing, monitoring assets for a diverse group of clients worldwide. NN IP sees responsible investing as the best way to enhance risk-adjusted returns and to contribute to society as a whole. With a founding belief that companies with sustainable business practices and high standards of corporate governance will become the success stories of the future, they produce their annual Responsible Investing Report.

In their latest report NN IP highlight their responsible investing approach, show how they help their clients achieve their financial and sustainable goals, and what they can look forward to in the future.

CGLytics is proud to support NN IP with governance data and analytics for the ESG research and reporting in their 2018 report.

Download NN Investment Partners Responsible Investing Report 2018 here.

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