Glass Lewis and CGLytics Establish Global Partnership to Provide Unmatched Compensation Data and Analytics

Glass Lewis integrates CGLytics data set and analytical tools for its proxy vote recommendations and custom policy offerings

[San Francisco, Amsterdam, London – June 5, 2019] – Glass Lewis, the world’s leading independent provider of governance and engagement support services, and CGLytics, a leading provider of governance data and analytics globally, today announced an expansion of their strategic partnership. CGLytics will serve as the global provider of compensation datasets and analytics to Glass Lewis, with an initial focus on North American, Australian and European markets.

Building on the success of the firms’ existing European partnership, Glass Lewis will now utilize CGLytics’ extensive compensation data in its proxy research and voting recommendations on executive compensation and Say on Pay, and integrate the same data into the proxy voting policies of institutional investors via its vote management solution, Viewpoint.

Glass Lewis’ Say on Pay analysis will now also be available via CGLytics’ proprietary platform, giving investors, issuers, advisors and board members the exact same data, tools and insights Glass Lewis uses to review and model CEO and executive compensation plans, and prepare for engagements with all stakeholders. Combining Glass Lewis’ proprietary policies and methodologies and CGLytics’ extensive data and analytical tools, the two companies will give all market participants unprecedented transparency and access into Glass Lewis’ compensation analysis that was not widely available and is needed for successful governance and stewardship in the modern digital age.

“CGLytics’ software and dataset enables the Glass Lewis global research team to establish a robust and consistent data source for our analysts to use in developing our unparalleled analysis and recommendations on compensation matters,” said Katherine Rabin, CEO of Glass Lewis. “Not only will this benefit our investor clients, who rely on us to provide them in-depth research and accurately implement their custom policies, but also the corporate issuers that directly purchase our Proxy Paper reports as an important part of their preparation to engage with shareholders.”

“We are thrilled to be extending our partnership with Glass Lewis, especially at a critical moment when corporations and investors are facing increasing demands from multiple parties for greater transparency and socially responsible and sustainable pay practices – all of which are essential to upholding good modern governance,” commented Aniel Mahabier, CEO of CGLytics. “By partnering with Glass Lewis, we will be able to provide corporations and their investors with an unmatched solution to evaluate compensation practices. The extensive toolset and enhanced access to Glass Lewis’ proprietary methodology will help companies and investors effectively connect their analysis, engagement and decision-making, resulting in improved stewardship and shareholder engagement.”

About Glass Lewis

Glass Lewis, the leading independent provider of global governance and engagement support services, helps institutional investors understand and connect with companies they invest in. Glass Lewis is a trusted ally of more than 1,300 investors globally who use its high-quality, unbiased Proxy Paper research and industry-leading Viewpoint proxy vote management solution to drive value across all their governance activities.

About CGLytics

CGLytics is transforming the way corporate governance decisions are made. Combining the broadest corporate governance dataset, with the most comprehensive analytics tools, CGLytics empowers corporations, investors and professional services to instantly perform a governance health check and make better informed decisions. From unique Pay for Performance analytics and peer comparison tools, to board effectiveness insights, companies and investors have access to the most comprehensive source of governance information at their fingertips – powering the insights required for good modern governance.

With Over 1 Billion Data Points and Powerful Algorithms, CGLytics is Utilised by Leading Investors and Proxy Advisors.



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