Governance has emerged as the signature risk in post-financial crisis. Greater calls for transparency in companies’ corporate governance practices, legal and regulatory controversies, bailouts, public outrage and the like have eroded corporations and investor confidence.

We help corporations, institutional investors, financial institutions and professional services firms to efficiently and effectively manage the increasing challenges they face in reviewing and monitoring corporate governance risks and associated decision-making. We provide a one stop access to high quality corporate governance data, analytics and actionable intelligence. Our algorithms and screening tools are powerful delivering unique insight, greater transparency and control to address ESG risks.

We deliver to corporations a wealth of market data & insight, to effectively manage their company’s reputation risk, understand what issues are potentially of concern to shareholders, to obtain quicker buy in and informed decision-making. We give a platform for investors to access granular data, information and screening tools, in the analysis of portfolio companies’ governance risk and engagement work. We help financial institutions and professional services firms to better serve and advice their clients on governance related matters.


Easy to use and designed to give instant intelligence

Connecting data for more efficient and effective analysis and engagement

An integrated web-based data technology solution, to independently analyze data on the performance and governance practices of leading listed companies, in a single convenient solution. The platform provides multi-dimensional intelligence built on corporate practices, investor, market guidelines and norms. It enables corporations and investors to have at their fingertips actionable intelligence to make informed decisions, anticipate investor response to proposals, screen companies governance practices and identify potential risks.

CGLytics is powered by historical data going back to 2008, plus forecasted performance and standardized compensation data. The platform delivers highest quality data, cutting edge smart analytics, a suite of powerful and unique screening tools. It is a multi-device solution, securely accessible at anytime, anywhere.

Powerful analytics for better decision-making & improved stewardship

Simple and easy to access information at your fingertips

Comprehensive and standardized data, enabling you to drill deeper to understand company governance practice, identify risks and proxy voting patterns for effective company engagement and investment portfolio decision making.



  • Perform independent review at any point of time and have access to unparalleled intelligence.
  • Reduced exposure to ESG risk, anticipate investor response and obtain quicker buy in.
  • Better understanding of company’s corporate governance practice against market standards, norms and peers.
  • Fast and easy access to unique pay for performance analytics to support improved decision making and shareholder engagement.
  • Instant access to proxy insight, ownership and market data, to understand how shareholders perceive the company’s management and board practices.
  • Swiftly identify and obtain deeper insight on directors and executives’ track record for board succession planning.
  • Cost efficient and effective, all information for corporate governance related decision making in one place.


  • Instant access to granular data, analytics and tools, for monitoring and reviewing governance risks in portfolio companies.
  • Reduced exposure to governance (ESG) issues and better investment decisions.
  • Fast and easy access to unique pay for performance analytics and board intelligence to support improved decision making and effective company engagement.
  • Time and cost saving, instant access to key governance data, information and tools, in a single solution.
  • Run at any point of time a screen, across your entire investment portfolio, to analyze stock and portfolio level exposure to governance red flags.
  • Instant access to millions of filings, for better understanding of companies’ governance practices and reporting quality.

Financial Institutions/Professional service firms

  • Time and cost saving, instant access to key governance data, information and tools, in a single solution.
  • Instant access to comprehensive governance information and powerful tools, for better advice and service offering.
  • Competitive edge in product and service offering.


P4P modeler

Peer group composer

Director expertise and social network

Board succession planning

Shareholding voting pattern

Investment portfolio screening

Market guidelines

Disclosure search

Watch list

Events calendar

On-demand Data Feeds

Instant delivery of granular and structured corporate governance and company level performance data sets. A cost efficient and effective data solution for corporations and investors for high-quality data, customizable to their own needs.

Bespoke Analysis And Data Modeling

We provide customized services through our team of dedicated market research experts. Our research analysts swiftly deliver at all times, high quality customized reports tailored towards client’s specific needs, and in-depth data modeling upon a client request, to generate further insight.

We deliver standardized reports for evaluating company’s governance practice and decision-making.

  • Company corporate governance risk review report
  • Executive Compensation benchmarking report
  • Pay for performance report
  • Peer group evaluation report

As a premium service, we offer the opportunity to commission and monitor research on corporate governance and executive pay matters. For more information please contact us on +31 (0) 20 299 6757 or send an email to

We are a signatory member of the UNPRI.