Glass Lewis’ Global Head of Research and Engagement, Aaron Bertinetti, and VP Research and Engagement, Kern McPherson will be hosting a cocktail reception with CGLytics’ CEO, Aniel Mahabier, at the award winning Columbia Room from 7pm on Saturday, September 21.

Join them for an informal chat about executive compensation, investor engagement and mooted changes to proxy advisor policies.

Please let us know if you can make it and we’ll look forward to meeting you in Washington.


124 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Votes against executive remuneration are growing. In this article we look at this change in the European indices and the S&P500.

Deutsche Bank: How CGLytics Tools Inform Glass Lewis’ Pay and Governance Analysis

Glass Lewis’ assessment of executive remuneration reflects a balance of quantitative and qualitative considerations, with CGLytics’ suite of tools underpinning the quantitative component. In the following discussion, we review the quantitative assessment with respect to Deutsche Bank, using CGLytics’ analytical tools.

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