We are constantly looking for emerging talent & professionals aspiring a career in finance, corporate governance and software development. Our people are exceptionally bright, intellectually curious, have an entrepreneurial drive and are passionate about their job. We offer a great working environment where you can make a real impact and difference.

Research Analyst
Job responsibility

Conduct in-depth governance practice analysis across sectors including financial statements, executive pay practices, corporate events and activities.
Collect governance information from disclosures, as well as other sources and write relevant news alerts.
Provide relevant market assessment, industry, trends and factors, which affect governance practices, corporate board and investors’ risk management, engagement, and decision-making process.
Maintain and improve the quality of the universe covered.
Collaborate with the team on client requests and projects.
Use key insights and data to write thought leadership articles.
Performs additional duties as the need arises.

What we are looking for

Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business and/or Economics or relevant field.
Knowledge of global financial markets and an affinity for good corporate governance.
Experience in corporate governance research
Strong data management and analytical skills with a passion for research, including the ability to discern detailed documents and analyse annual reports including financial statements.
Strong writing and verbal skills including the ability to organize, interpret, and summarize large amounts of information into concise and simple text.
Ability to work independently, under pressure, make decisions and handle a high workload volume at a rapid pace.
Ability to identify and assess key drivers and trends for governance practices.
Eager to learn and willing to go the extra mile.
Excels in a team environment and is proactive, collaborative and collegial.
Strong communication skills, flexible, driven and good interpersonal skills.
Excellent practical knowledge of MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.
Advanced English language skills are required and preferably another language.

What we offer

We offer a great entrepreneurial working environment, where you can make a real impact and difference. We don’t operate in a hierarchy and truly value our people as they are critical to the success of our business. We put the customer at the heart of our business, making their decision-making much easier! We are dedicated to innovation, teamwork and encourage our people to think big, be decisive, focus on excellence and to act courageous.


Do you want to be part of a startup who strives to transform the way decisions are made in company’s governance practices? We are a looking for bright and creative software programming developer. You will be part of our development team and play a pivotal role in the further development of our unique and innovative software platform, CGLytics.

What we are looking for

You will perform a wide variety of tasks from 100% new development to bug fixes and maintenance. You’ll work on improving the richness and the capabilities of our platform, to support the growing feature set of our platform CGLytics , and deliver a greater user experience to our customers. You’ll work on tackling interesting technical challenges such as dashboards, data reshaping, etc.


Experience: PHP, MySQL, Computational experience with software framework and familiar with Laravel.
Passionate: You love coding, solving complex problems and building easy to use user interfaces.
Characteristics: You are accurate, creative, a real team player, proactive and down to earth. You are able to work independently, with tight deadlines and understand what it takes to write software that is robust.
Preference: Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML and data visualization.

What we offer

We offer a great, entrepreneurial, flexible working environment where you can make a real impact and difference. You will be part of a highly energetic, experienced and dynamic team, based in Amsterdam.

How to Apply

If you believe you meet our requirements and are up to a challenging assignment, please submit your resume and motivation to:

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