S&P500: Increasing Boardroom Diversity

2017-2018 S&P 500 Review

Increasing Boardroom Diversity


Pressure is continuing to build for S&P 500 companies to step up the pace in their board refreshment initiatives in order to catch up with their global peers.

The CGLytics report, Increasing Boardroom Diversity – 2017-2018 S&P 500 Review, describes the current boardroom composition of S&P 500 companies through comparative data captured between 2017 and 2018, evaluating the progress made and the likelihood of achieving greater diversity in the coming years. The report addresses diversity by gender and age – comparing the degree of diversity seen in accordance to sector. The report also reflects on current problems with “overboarding” and how to ensure directors have the availability to serve responsibly.

5 Key Takeaways:

  1. Boards got bigger, with average number of members rising to 11 (from 10 in 2017)
  2. One-third of new appointments were women
  3. All but one company absent a female director in 2017 corrected this in 2018
  4. The average age of all boards increased to 63.5 years old
  5. Data reveals certain companies benefited from adding younger directors to their board

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