REVIEW OF FTSE 100 2018 PROXY SEASON – Getting ready for next proxy season

In preparation for the 2019 proxy season, CGLytics has released its third annual FTSE 100 Proxy Season report. The report provides boards with key insights and takeaways from the 2018 proxy season, in order to aid preparation and ensure companies are adequately prepared to engage.

Shaping up the Scandinavian Governance Landscape

According to surveys conducted, the Scandinavian region are leading the pack in the implementation of the EU Shareholders Rights Directive. Download the report to see the latest updates and insights from the region.

2017-2018 S&P 500 Review: Increasing Boardroom Diversity

The CGLytics report, Increasing Boardroom Diversity – 2017-2018 S&P 500 Review, describes the current boardroom composition of S&P 500 companies between 2017 and 2018...

Shining the Light on CEO Pay Practices – 2018 AEX Proxy Review

In preparation for this year’s proxy season, CGLytics is releasing its annual AEX proxy review, providing key takeaways from 2018 and setting out what will be topping agendas in 2019.

How will Engagement on Executive Pay Evolve in 2019?

On the 28th February, Aniel Mahabier, CEO of CGLytics, was joined by Andrew Gebelin, VP Research, Engagement and Stewardship of Glass Lewis, to discuss some of the key themes and trends that will impact the way companies and their investors engage over executive pay in the 2019 Proxy Season.


Corporate governance and executive pay: A joint report with PwC

PwC and CGLytics joined forces to analyse the current corporate governance and executive pay landscape to help directors and members of remuneration committees better understand shareholders’ concerns and make sure they’re prepared for the challenges ahead.

Revolution in Italian Companies Ownership Structure – 2019

Italy has been well known for its ‘Relational capitalism’. CGLytics take a look at the revolution taking place in Italian Corporate Governance.

LESSONS LEARNED: An insight into Europe’s 50 largest cap companies’ engagement & compensation practice

As companies and institutional investors have started preparations for the upcoming proxy season, a number of key points can be drawn from last year’s season.

MIND THE GAP: CEO Remuneration and the Scandinavian Corporate Governance Landscape

The corporate governance landscape has been changing and executive remuneration has been, and continues to be, a topical issue engaging the attention of investors, corporations, politicians, the media and society. Scandinavian corporations are not exempted from this phenomenon.

CEO SHAREHOLDING GUIDELINES: How Europe is catching up

The general overview of SHG in some of the large European countries have shown that majority of the markets do not have clear guidelines as to what the minimum shareholding of Executives should be.


The multibillion dollar company has a history spanning back over two centuries; however, recently it has been in the “hot seat” for being entangled in a variety of scandals ranging from improper accounting to bankrupt powerhouses.

FTSE 100 PAY FOR PERFORMANCE LANDSCAPE: When the Proxy season dust has settled

As the proxy season dust has settled, DirectorInsight is releasing its 4th consecutive report on the pay of the CEO’s of UK’s largest listed companies.


Persbericht: DirectorInsight lanceert vandaag de eerste ‘Pay-for-Performance Index’. Op basis van nauwkeurige analyse is inzichtelijk gemaakt hoe de beloning van de CEO’s van de 25 Nederlandse AEX-fondsen zich verhoudt tot de prestaties van die bedrijven.


This is DirectorInsight’s third release of the 2017 FTSE 100 CEO Pay for Performance report. The previous report “Are you ready to rumble Part 2” contained an analysis for 76 companies in the FTSE 100. This report provides an analysis for 86 companies in the FTSE 100 as well as their CEO pay and financial performance.


This is DirectorInsight's second release of the 2017 FTSE 100 CEO Pay for Performance report. The previous report “Are you ready to rumble” contained an analysis for 50 companies in the FTSE 100. This report provides an analysis for 76 companies in the FTSE 100, their CEO pay and financial performance, using total shareholder return (TSR ) as the key financial performance metric, over a one year, three year and five year period.


At the 2016 UK AGM season, investors set an unprecedented trend in corporate governance. FTSE 100 bosses faced revolts over remuneration report votes during a heated series of AGMs that featured defeats and protests over pay at some of Britain’s biggest companies.


Over the last 5 years, the landscape has significantly changed with shareholders being very active on executive pay proposals. The 2011 AGM showed a spike in shareholders scrutinizing pay proposals disclosed in companies’ remuneration reports. From 2012 till 2014, companies received more “votes for” relative to 2011. However, the 2016 proxy season, using a threshold of 10% votes against, is already showing that the 2015/16 remuneration reports received one of the highest votes cast against. While we are still in the middle of the proxy season, 23.61% of the FTSE 100 companies’ shareholders have already voted against remuneration reports.

Remuneration trends in the Netherlands – are you ready?

This briefing highlights the current state of play on executive compensation and helps board of companies and their remuneration committee members to prepare themselves for the upcoming proxy season.

The Gender Barometer in the Dutch Boardroom

This article describes the current state of play of gender diversity in boardrooms of Dutch listed companies (AEX, AMX and AScX) and the prospect to achieve the 30% quota in the Netherlands in 2016.

Overzicht Financiële Stabiliteit 2015

DNB waakt over de financiële stabiliteit in Nederland. Als onderdeel hiervan publiceert DNB elk halfjaar het Overzicht Financiële Stabiliteit (OFS).

Swiss Proxy Season: did Say on Pay move the needle?

This report aims at providing substantial insights, on a seven-year time span (2008-2014), of compensation practices across the twenty largest firms in Switzerland. It shows the yield for investors in relation to the CEO’s pay of the SMI companies.

Push for UK corporate governance reform

UK’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May, vowed to crack down companies’ corporate governance practices and board accountability pushing further for equality, social responsibility and fair pay.

Swiss Say on Pay – A transition year for companies with investors taking an easy ride on pay

This report is a follow up on last year’s say on pay report for the Swiss Market Index (SMI). It aims to provide substantial insights, for compensation practices across the twenty largest firms in Switzerland, on an eight-year time span (2008- 2015).

The Five Governance Questions Issuers and Investors Need to Ask

Governance has emerged as the signature risk of the post-financial crisis era in Europe. The great recession brought in its wake costly bank failures, bailouts, and write-offs of bad debts, followed by tense debt renegotiations in several nations. These events severely eroded investor confidence. More recently, hotly contested “say on pay” votes, legal and regulatory controversies, and outright scandals have also taken their toll. To navigate this uncertain, fast-changing environment, issuers and investors alike need accurate, comprehensive governance data, both quantitative and qualitative, to develop clear, timely, and actionable insights into the governance of European corporations.


Action needed despite third of new S&P 500 board appointments being women

Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue last year, and shareholders have never been more explicit in their expectations of companies, writes Aniel Mahabier

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Be prepared: Learnings from the UK 2018 proxy season

The UK is at the forefront of shareholder concern of good corporate governance practices. In a climate of increasing proactive shareholder engagement, the CGLytics FTSE 100 2018 proxy season review evaluates underlying trends to provide unique insights for being prepared for the forthcoming season.

What’s New for the 2019 Proxy Season?

By looking at the UK, which currently has the spotlight on corporate governance practices, we can be sure that company boards will be compelled to implement good governance practices.

Women Hold Less Than 25% of Seats on S&P 500 Boards

Despite all of the attention that the lack of diversity on S&P 500 boards has been getting in recent years, there is still a significant gender gap, and that gap is closing extremely slowly.

S&P 500 companies are listening: One third of new board appointments in 2018 were women

Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue in 2018 and shareholders had never been more explicit in their expectations of companies.


Younger directors on S&P 500 boards show positive effect on companies’ performance 

Bringing younger directors into the boardroom does not only add value in terms of unique perspectives and improved innovation, but also impacts company performance


AI in the Boardroom: Fantasy or Reality?

While the exact role of AI in the boardroom in up for debate, the question remains: has the Robo Director come of age?

Meet Aniel Mahabier, CEO of CGLytics

SRI-CONNECT asked Aniel about some of the key topics in Corporate Governance, including "What Corporate Governance issues should be top of European investors' minds in 2019?"

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The Top 50 Highest Paid CEOs

As proxy season progresses and companies file their annual reports, CGLytics surveys the world's highest paid CEOs (so far) and looks at how executive compensation has grown since the last year.

Waivers Of Mandatory Retirement Ages And Company Performance

CGLytics examines the costs and benefits of waiving the mandatory retirement age for directors, elaborating upon aspects of the S&P 500: Increasing Boardroom Diversity Report.


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, October 3, 2018 – DirectorInsight, a leading provider of corporate governance analytics and solutions, is delighted to announce that the company will now operate under the new brand name CGLytics. Short for Corporate Governance Analytics, this rebrand elevates the focus on providing powerful, data-driven solutions to board members and institutional investors, allowing for better engagement, decision-making and stewardship.

Glass Lewis Launches Expanded Remuneration Insights in 12 European Markets

LIMERICK, IRELAND (27 March 2018) – Glass Lewis, the leading independent provider of global governance and engagement support services, announced enhancements to its Proxy Paper research service as part of a new partnership with Dutch firm DirectorInsight.

Opinie & Dialoog

Het aantal commissarissen dat aandelen heeft in de onderneming waarop zij toezicht houdt is flink gestegen, zo berichtte Het Financieele Dagblad. Tegenstanders van aandelenbezit bij toezichthouders vrezen een te weinig objectieve blik bij het beoordelen van bestuursbesluiten. Voorstanders menen — terecht — dat het de betrokkenheid vergroot. Unilever is vooralsnog het enige AEX-fonds dat interne toezichthouders actief aanmoedigt aandelen te houden.

Financial Sector Update for 02/18/2016

Broadridge Financial (BR) has signed an agreement to become a distributor of Netherland-based AMA Partners' DirectorInsight online corporate governance data and analytics tool.

Broadridge Financial invests in Dutch governance company

Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. reported Thursday that it has taken a minority stake in a Dutch company that specializes in corporate governance services. The Lake Success-based provider of investor communications services for public companies said it had invested an undisclosed amount in AMA Partners, B.V.

DirectorInsight ‘Wij presenteren de data, maar geven geen advies’

Via data inzicht bieden in bedrijfsgegevens, bestuurders en markten, maar zonder duur advies er bij, want dat kan de klant zelf wel. Met dit model slaat DirectorInsight de vleugels uit.

Empowering investors through governance and transparency

The post-financial crisis era in Europe has ushered in a heightened focus on governance risk and transparency for institutional investors, as they seek to optimise their investment processes and stewardship of holdings. Increasingly, asset managers are stepping up their scrutiny of companies in whose shares they invest, seeking deeper insights into areas of potential governance risk-related exposure.

Prim and proxy

A common market model can mean better voting processes for both investors and issuers, according to Demi Derem of Broadridge Financial Solutions

Pressrelease DirectorInsight

DirectorInsight, new online platform, provides transparency and fact based decision making for supervisory board and shareholders on executive pay.

Broadridge Invests in AMA Partners

Broadridge Financial Solutions has enhanced its corporate governance solution offering in Europe by taking a minority stake and entering into an exclusive distribution and marketing alliance with AMA Partners, BV (AMA).

Broadridge Financial Tapped to Become New Distributor of AMA Partners’ DirectorInsight Solution

Broadridge Financial (NYSE:BR), provider of investor communications and other technologies for the financial services sector, has signed an agreement to become a distributor of Netherland-based AMA Partners’ DirectorInsight online corporate governance data and analytics tool. The deal expands Broadridge’s corporate governance solution set and data capabilities.

Broadridge Invests in Corporate Governance Solutions Provider to Expand Analytics Capabilities across Europe

LONDON, Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR) today announced that it has enhanced its corporate governance solution offering in

DirectorInsight provides information on Executive Pay in French newspaper

Les groupes français sont moins généreux que leurs homologues européens quand il s’agit de rémunérer les membres de leur conseil d’administration. Une pingrerie qui tranche avec les belles rémunérations versées aux PDG tricolores.

Broadridge Invests in Corporate Governance Solutions Provider to Expand Analytics Capabilities across Europe

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR) today announced that it has enhanced its corporate governance solution offering in Europe by taking a minority stake and entering into an

Nieuwe site biedt inzicht in waarde bestuurders

Binnen enkele muisklikken zien hoe een beursgenoteerd bedrijf en zijn bestuurders presteren? En tegen welke beloning, ook in vergelijking met de concurrenten? Het kan op het nieuwe online platform DirectorInsight.

De Financiële Telegraaf

Dutch finance companies face a serious predicament

Recently the Dutch cabinet voted in favour of a new law created by Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup and Dutch finance minister: the so called "20 per cent rule". This controversial piece of legislation limits the bonuses of those who work in the Dutch financial industry to 20 per cent of their basic salary.

The Financial Times