Governance Health Check and Monitoring

Governance Health and Monitoring

Instantly identify red flags in your investment portfolios for better decision-making


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With the increasing importance of Environment Social and Governance (ESG) issues, in-depth analysis of governance health is essential for investors to stay ahead and remain confident in the management and stewardship of their investments.

CGLytics combines the broadest global datasets in the market, with the highest quality analytics, for investors to instantly analyse their portfolio for potential governance red flags.

With the most flexible screening tools for assessing pay for performance of executives, director performance and board composition, monitoring of companies’ governance practices has never been easier. Used by proxy advisors and investors across the globe, CGLytics is a trusted provider of global data for in-depth comparison of companies’ governance practices.


  • Improve monitoring of exposure to governance risks: With extensive real-time data and intuitive screening tools, all the intelligence you need to monitor your global portfolio for governance risk and opportunities is available in one single, convenient solution
  • Unique Pay for Performance analytics: With over ten years of historical compensation data, and flexible benchmarking tools, review executive pay against an array of unique key performance indicators and your own constructed peer groups.
  • Powerful board intelligence: Extensive standardised data support due diligence of governance risks including boardroom composition and diversity, overboarding indicators and skills shortage insights.

CGLytics Governance Health and Monitoring tools let investors benefit from the portfolio building and reporting tools, allowing them monitor company governance health at the individual or portfolio level.

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