Intelligent Board Oversight

Intelligent board oversight

Intelligently identify board opportunities and risks


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A well-balanced board is paramount to maintaining good corporate governance for long-term success.

Investors and stakeholders are becoming more actively engaged in ensuring that the board is equipped to handle the demands of the business. Some of their key concerns include:

  • Diversity – Is there an adequate mix of genders, ages and ethnicity?
  • Skills – Do the board of directors have the right mix of skills to ensure the business continues to develop and grow?
  • Independence – Are the Board of Directors independent from the executive team and able to provide impartial guidance for the benefit of the business?
  • Overboarded – Does each Director have the time and resource to devote to the company or are they spread too thinly?

Companies that fail to answer these concerns can be at risk from reputational damage, regulatory scrutiny, investor activism and activist investor attacks.

CGLytics: Identify the gaps, manage the risk

CGLytics Intelligent Board Oversight tools allow the nominating and governance committee to fulfill their role in overseeing these responsibilities.


  • Director interlocks, networks and connections: Analyze senior executives’ and professionals’ networks for understanding connections to other directors within corporate board network structures and their relational paths. Search networks to identify potential directors for screening and networking opportunities.
  • Succession planning for a bright future: Get instant access to 200,000+ global profiles of key decision-makers from listed companies. Including comprehensive biographies with employment, compensation, education and extracurricular activities. Expand your candidate search and identify the skill sets needed to support your company strategy.
  • Board composition and effectiveness: Obtain a governance health check on your company’s board composition. Analyze your peers’ boards and perform a benchmark to recognize board opportunities. Screen your company on key proxy governance items and identify potential risk exposure for governance red flags.

Learn how the CGLytics Intelligent Board Oversight analytics tools help ensure that their boards are equipped to handle the demands of the business and the scrutiny of shareholders and regulators.

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