Waivers Of Mandatory Retirement Ages And Company Performance

CGLytics examines the costs and benefits of waiving the mandatory retirement age for directors, elaborating upon aspects of the S&P 500: Increasing Boardroom Diversity Report.

The Top 50 Highest Paid CEOs

As proxy season progresses and companies file their annual reports, CGLytics surveys the world's highest paid CEOs (so far) and looks at how executive compensation has grown since the last year.

Disney, 21st Century Fox, Bob Iger, and the Search For His Successor

CGLytics uses its Executive Pay and Pay for Performance Modelling Tools to look at the recent merger with 21st Century Fox, the value Disney’s CEO has bought to the company’s shareholders and how he has been compensated, and some of the challenges facing a potential successor.

Swedbank CFO Back At the Wheel

A Case Study in the Need for Active Succession Planning

Dominant themes from the 2018 AEX proxy season and what to expect in 2019

During the 2018 Dutch proxy season, shareholders actively engaged in a range of governance matters, with CEO remuneration remaining a key focus for stakeholders and widely publicised by the media. And, as always, the upcoming 2019 proxy season is likely to be influenced by happenings from the previous year

Meet Aniel Mahabier, CEO of CGLytics

SRI-CONNECT asked Aniel about some of the key topics in Corporate Governance, including "What Corporate Governance issues should be top of European investors' minds in 2019?"

SRI Connect

AI in the Boardroom: Fantasy or Reality?

While the exact role of AI in the boardroom in up for debate, the question remains: has the Robo Director come of age?

Younger directors on S&P 500 boards show positive effect on companies’ performance 

Bringing younger directors into the boardroom does not only add value in terms of unique perspectives and improved innovation, but also impacts company performance


How will Engagement on Executive Pay Evolve in 2019?

On the 28th February, Aniel Mahabier, CEO of CGLytics, was joined by Andrew Gebelin, VP Research, Engagement and Stewardship of Glass Lewis, to discuss some of the key themes and trends that will impact the way companies and their investors engage over executive pay in the 2019 Proxy Season.


S&P 500 companies are listening: One third of new board appointments in 2018 were women

Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue in 2018 and shareholders had never been more explicit in their expectations of companies.


Shining the Light on CEO Pay Practices – 2018 AEX Proxy Review

In preparation for this year’s proxy season, CGLytics is releasing its annual AEX proxy review, providing key takeaways from 2018 and setting out what will be topping agendas in 2019.


Action needed despite third of new S&P 500 board appointments being women

Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue last year, and shareholders have never been more explicit in their expectations of companies, writes Aniel Mahabier

IR Magazine

What’s New for the 2019 Proxy Season?

By looking at the UK, which currently has the spotlight on corporate governance practices, we can be sure that company boards will be compelled to implement good governance practices.

Be prepared: Learnings from the UK 2018 proxy season

The UK is at the forefront of shareholder concern of good corporate governance practices. In a climate of increasing proactive shareholder engagement, the CGLytics FTSE 100 2018 proxy season review evaluates underlying trends to provide unique insights for being prepared for the forthcoming season.