How to take testing of equity-based compensation plans into your own hands?

Equity-based compensation proposals have attracted high levels of shareholder disapproval in the past, which costs a company valuable time and money. Both companies and investors need to ensure equity plans drive the company forward by supporting goals without being too costly or dilutive.

  • What are the common concerns for companies and investors surrounding equity compensation plans?
  • What should both companies and investors take into account when designing, amending or assessing equity plans?
  • How can Glass Lewis’ Equity Compensation Model (ECM) help users understand the strengths and weaknesses of plans?

Download the whitepaper and learn more about equity compensation plan best practice and how the ECM is supporting decision-making for Say on Pay.


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Randstad make data-based decisions going into the AGM season

“At Randstad we are looking at the remuneration policy on a continual basis and it’s an important topic. Prior to the AGM we want to fully understand how all our stakeholders look at our remuneration policy. “

Thiam Tidjane exits Credit Suisse

On February 7, 2020, Credit Suisse Group AG announced that CEO Tidjane Thiam has resigned. The announcement came amid allegations that Credit Suisse spied on former board members, a scandal that led to the departure of Pierre-Olivier Bouée, its Chief Operating Officer in October 2019.

Westpac: the issues, regulators and lessons to be learnt

It has been revealed that several banks have been involved in fraudulent and criminal conduct, one of them being Westpac Banking Corporation.

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