How can innovations in information technologies support the role of the board of directors?

The webinar by the European Confederation of Directors Association (ecoDa) and CGLytics, shares insights into using business intelligence to support the board members to make better decisions.

Board members have to understand the drivers of value creation and develop the right metrics to articulate value. Actionable and real-time insights are therefore becoming even more critical for board members. 

  • How far should we go in terms of sophisticated algorithms in order to compliment the usual dashboards?
  • What types of data processing tools do boards need while avoiding a big data overload?
  • How can a board leverage data and AI for effective oversight and to make better governance decisions?


Speakers on the topic include:

  • Aniel Mahabier, CEO at CGLytics;
  • Deepak Krishnamurthy,  Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at SAP;
  • Michael Hilb, Entrepreneur, Board Member and Professor;
  • Rytis Ambrazevičius, Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance, President;


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