Executive Pay and Compensation

Executive Pay and Compensation

Understand how you compare with your peers and the wider industry


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Executive pay continues to be one of the most hotly debated topics in the news. Companies regularly come under scrutiny and must be well informed of not just their own practices, but also the executive compensation practices of their country and industry peers.

The CGLytics analytics and screening tools give boards the ability to conduct independent analyses of executive pay and compensation and potential exposure to governance risks.

  • General Counsels and Corporate Secretaries can equip their Board with an independent platform for pre-empting say on pay risk
  • Compensation committee members can leverage the data to gain an independent view or compensation practices and anticipate an investors’ response.

Meanwhile, investors and third parties use the pay for performance modeler to identify governance risk, and challenge misaligned remuneration policies.


  • Compensation data: Access comprehensive, accurate, and high-quality global compensation data instantly, as well as benchmarking tools built to help assess executive compensation relative to company performance and peers
  • Pay-for-performance benchmarking: Determine if pay is market-competitive and aligned by performing a pay-for-performance sensitivity check based on a variety of performance metrics
  • Peer group analysis: Screen how your company’s CEO pay and performance are ranked against those of other companies, including self-selected peer group or indices over multiple years.

Learn how the CGLytics Pay for Performance and Executive Pay analytics tools help companies benchmark their pay practices against industry peers and regulations.

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