Company profile

We are a specialist provider of data analytics, screening tools and intelligence on the “G” of ESG.

We provide an integrated web-based data technology platform, to independently analyze data on the performance and governance practices of leading listed companies across the globe, in a single convenient solution.

We partner closely with our clients to provide the solutions they need.

Our team combines experienced business professionals, dedicated equity market research analysts and in-house software development capabilities, offering cutting edge data research services, smart and predictive analytics and powerful screening tools.

We promote transparency, sustainable governance practices and responsible investments, by providing actionable governance intelligence for better engagement and decision-making.

Raw data sourced, analyzed, structured and standardized from millions of companies’ disclosures, regulatory filings and social networks. Proprietary algorithms, creating smart data, powerful analytics and screening tools, for informed decisions and engagement.

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Data is verified multiple times, by multiple analysts to ensure highest quality of data

Dedicated market research

Dedicated diverse market research team, concentrated entirely on generating value add data & insight, guaranteeing quality and ensuring research output is useful and accessible for our clients.

Bottom-up fundamental approach using standardized techniques, valuation models and methodologies.

Quantitative and qualitative research across our universe providing independent research and valuation of remuneration components.

Our analysts have a degree and background in Business Economics/Finance with a passion to pursue a career in governance, research and finance.

We are a signatory member of the UNPRI.